Memgrid identity

Memgrid is a tool for building fast websites fast. I had worked with Ahti before on TimeGT, his previous project, and he approached me again to create a logo for Memgrid.

Memgrid provides a fresh, easy way to manage multiple iterations of a website through the development process down to a final live site — no matter how you fold or slice it, so the logo got a folding M symbol with mint-chockolate fresh colors.

memgrid logo, sketch
memgrid logo, full color version
memgrid logo, grayscale version
memgrid logo, inverted version
memgrid logo, construction
memgrid logo, safe area
memgrid symbol
memgrid symbol, one-color version
memgrid colors
memgrid typography
memgrid e-mail signature
memgrid businesscards
memgrid letterhead