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My name is Sander Solvak, I'm a graphic designer living and working in Tallinn, Estonia.


Born in 1980, I grew up in a small rural village in central Estonia, riding my bike, breaking and making things and drawing.

On most days you'd find me in a good mood, looking at the bright side and trying to find a joke in every situation. I enjoy coffee, music, good books and good food. I always love a good movie and occasionally some that are generally considered rather bad.

I'm heavily into photography, ever since I got my hands on my dads old Zenit E. You can have a look at my more artistically ambitious pictures here and photos from my travels on flickr.


I currently hold the position of graphic designer at Videobet where I've worked on a wide range of stuff from trade-show stands to brochures and booklets to user interfaces and various bits and pieces in between.

I've kept my freelance business running on the side and have enjoyed working on websites, big and small, branding projects and even an occasional children's book. A selection of what I've made can be seen in the work section of this site.

I believe in keeping things clean and simple, love finding elegant solutions to problems and try to leave things better than I found them.

Get in touch

If you think I can help you with your project, shoot me an e-mail at or catch me on twitter as @sandersolvak where I mostly observe, but occasionally, well, tweet.

Thanks for stopping by!