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Some old photos of New York City

I love New York and I love colorised old photos. Here's one plus the other.

Herald Square sometime between 1900 and 1915, colorised by reddit user u/Zahulie (original photo)
Mulberry St. in 1900 (original photo).
The Manhattan Bridge under construction, 1908 (original photo).
Banana Docks in the 1910s, colorised by Marina Maral (original photo).
Clam seller on Mulberry Bend (Little Italy), New York, ca 1900, colorised by reddit user u/mygrapefruit (original photo)
Pell Street, Chinatown around 1910, colorised by reddit user u/anamarcorporate.

Nayenezgáni (Killer of Enemies) is a mythical hero from Navajo mythology who, along with his brother Tobadzischini, rid the world of the monstrous evil gods, the Anaye.
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