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There can be too much light.

Today I learned: a Kugelblitz is the (theoretical) phenomenon where the concentration of light (or heat, or radiation) is so intense that it warps spacetime enough to spawn a black hole.

Further down the same Wikipedia rabbit hole I learned of the concept of black hole starships — using black holes as an energy source for interstellar travel.

The physics behind the ollie

Rodeny Mullen invented the flatground ollie in 1982 based on Alan “Ollie” Gelfands no-handed airs on vert. For the uninitiated it looks like magic, the board seemingly glued to the skaters' feet. For the initiated, it feels like magic — successfully popping your first ollie is an endorphin cocktail rivaling the best.

Aathis Batia goes all sciency for Wired and shows the forces at work while popping an ollie.