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There can be too much light.

Today I learned: a Kugelblitz is the (theoretical) phenomenon where the concentration of light (or heat, or radiation) is so intense that it warps spacetime enough to spawn a black hole.

Further down the same Wikipedia rabbit hole I learned of the concept of black hole starships — using black holes as an energy source for interstellar travel.

"Music-evoked frisson” or why music gives you goosebumps.

I often get goosebumps from music, most of the times it's songs that build up to "really big", Minnie Ripertons "Les Fleurs" is one that immediately comes to mind. Well, now I know why that happens—I get scared.

According to Huron, researchers have discovered that several of the frisson’s acoustic correlates—things that seem to induce the sensation in listeners—are fear-related. These correlates include rapidly large increases in the loudness of music, abrupt changes in tempo and rhythm, a broadening of frequencies and an increase in the number of sound sources, among other factors.