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Noted, March 2022

Assorted bits and pieces I've noticed this month.

Lux, the makers of the excellent iPhone camera app Halide, have penned a long piece on the camera module of the iPhone 13 and where (phone) photography is headed, with lots of pictures, too. Highly recommended reading if you too are thinking about the future of cameras.
via pixel envy

Lisa Whittington-Hill likes biographies and memoirs and, having read a bunch of them, noticed that they tend to be gender-biased – all the dirty, spicy, private details are expected from women, at the same time, men can pretty much write about whatever.

The Wire is cool, but some of the prototypes for the detectives might have been kinda bad cops in reality.

Back, way way back, phones, the kind that are for making calls only were the electronic service. Hacking these telecom systems, be it with the help of electronics or social engineering, or both was called phreaking. This The Verge story is about one of the best phreakers of her time who suddenly pulled the disappearing act.

While it undoubtedly helped spread some great ideas and inspired people with stories of human tenacity, the TED talk has also been rightfully mocked for being blind to its own hubris. Oscar Schwartz for the Drift mag on the history and legacy of the conference with notable moments, both good and bad.

Held in the notorious Silivri prison, 90 kilometers from Istanbul, for the past six years, Fevzi Yazıcı designed a unique typeface. He drew it with a pencil in his dimly lit solitary-confinement cell and named it “Firdevs,” for his wife. - "Letters from a Turkish prison"
via Jeffrey Zeldman